Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A lot of hot air

A few weeks ago we had to move all our furniture out of the hallways and the bathroom cupboard. The house looked like this for a day or two...
We just slid the wardrobe out of the way as we can't really put it anywhere else, we put a blanket under it to avoid damaging the floor.
We covered the turtle tank for dust, and just threw all the stuff out of the bathroom cupboard in the bath.
Where was all the other furniture? Piled up in the bedroom...
 And it was all for this...can you see it?
It's the vent on the top left, we finally got our mould solution fitted!

Back in this post I mentioned the mould problems we have had, and the landlord had promised he would sort something as opening windows didn't seem to be doing anything.

So 2 weeks ago we had this PIV unit fitted. The part in the hallway is a lot more noticeable!
We have a decorator coming to possibly box it in, and tidy up all the plaster and paint. The switch was originally lower down but the landlord wanted it moved higher. Gives us more freedom with furniture and does look neater. Well it will do once it's all tidied up.
I've cleaned all the walls again and the furniture that was affected. See those light grey/green streaks on the table? They're not wood grain, they're mould. Lush. Everything has been bleached within an inch of its life to kill off the mould (other than the bedroom ceiling as I can't reach it) and fingers crossed it won't be back.
The unit brings fresh air into the rooms which don't have windows to try to get some air movement in the flat and avoid the condensation issues we have been having. I'm not really 100% sure how it works but also it exchanges the air, through the existing extractor fan flue in the hallway. There is a switch we can put on for it to heat the incoming air too so it won't be too draughty in winter. It apparently will work for a 3 bedroom house so we're hoping it will solve our problem. I have noticed that the air in the rooms with no windows feels less stale, but only time will tell over the winter if it helps with the mould.

The decorator will also repaint the rooms affected by the mould. This is the whole bedroom, one wall in the living room and the bathroom. Apparently the bathroom was just painted in matt paint, so this time it's going to be done in bathroom paint, as it is peeling but with being a basement bathroom with no windows that's to be expected.

All in all I'm just happy something has been done, it's good to have a landlord who actually acts on issues!

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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Weekend Inspiration

4 day weekend! I have Monday and Tuesday off work...just to use up some holiday but it's also our anniversary on Tuesday, so we are off out for a nice meal Monday night at the Daffodil and then out for a hike Tuesday before going to set the menu at our wedding caterers. Today's agenda is clean the flat and relax as I've already been to the gym, and I'm hoping to get a project done tomorrow.

Onto the inspiration, I've always though having a hammock in the garden would be good but dangerous as I would spend far too much time in it. This set up with fairy lights would be so relaxing in the evenings I would probably end up sleeping out there!
This small area of open shelving adds in some functional space to a small kitchen. It would be great for keeping small items off the counter while adding some storage space into a wall where you may not have enough room for cabinets. I also love that you can wash up the bowls etc then dry them and put them back on the shelf without moving.
Pink is not my colour, but I love this coordination here. I would pick maybe green or blue, or yellow...but this house just looks so put together and stylish with the bright pops of colour.
Have a lovely weekend all, I'm off to make something nice for lunch xx

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