Friday, 13 December 2013

Friday Inspiration

Nice but busy week for us this week, we went to the Christmas market in Birmingham on Tuesday for a festive day out and it was a lot of fun. I seem to have done my knee in so no running and not great climbing this week, I'm hoping it will be better soon. I think it's just a muscle strain so going to take it easy for a few days and try some swimming to gently mobilise it.

Anyway other than my poor battered body not much gong on here...hoping to get the Christmas tree up this weekend as Tom as been a Grinch and not let me put it up yet :)

I have been pinning loads recently, so you can find loads more inspiration on my pinterest page.

Please can I spend the weekend here instead of Christmas shopping?
This is my dream kitchen. It has an island, hardwood floors, gorgeous cabinets and a lovely wall colour. I'm also and loving the rug, I'm debating a rug for our kitchen to provide a bit of warmth and colour...
Another living room trunk, I am totally obsessed! I am forever looking out for them but am yet to find one that is the right shape and size with a flat top (a lot seem to be domed, no good for use as a table)...I will find the one eventually!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, we have a Christmas party to go to and my brother and cousins joint 21st Birthday party so we will be having a very merry weekend!


  1. love that kitchen picture, like the combination of seafoam, white, natural cabinety

    1. I know isn't it gorgeous, seafoam has got to be one of my favourite colours, although sadly my partner Tom doesn't like green so I don't get as much of it in the flat as I'd like :(

  2. I love the rug in the kitchen and the sofa!!!

    1. Yes I always like a neutral colour sofa so you can layer in some other colours like they have with the blue, I was too distracted by the trunk haha