Saturday, 3 May 2014

Weekend Inspiration

Hello, it's been a while I know! I think with the training and fundraising routine, as well as planning a wedding I just don't have a lot of time for home projects right now. I hate filler posts but maybe I might have to post some more non-home related stuff, like general life posts and maybe some outfits or fitness posts. What do you think?

It's either that or radio silence I'm afraid as not much going on in the way of home improvement around here! In fact the hallway is stuffed with jumble sale boxes, and the dining table is covered in raffle prizes so it's not looking very blog worthy at all in our flat! After the 17th of May when I am holding a charity fete then it will look a lot better and I can FINALLY post the after photos from the decluttering.

Good job I always have a back log of pins to show you each week hey...

Another trunk as coffee table set up, I love it and I am still on the hunt for one. I also like the monochrome living room, and while that light fixture is hung way too low for my liking (I am clumsy and would spend half the time walking into it) it is really interesting...
This large leaning photo frame with lots of pictures inside is a great way to display photos with no fixings in the walls (if it's somewhere stable and you don't have kids or pets who might knock it over) or with only one anchor (to be safe if you do need to steady it). Perfect for tenants!
This was originally a wedding pin, but it looks like a really easy DIY art project that you could totally change for any shape, maybe even words.
I'm off to make a load more candles and peg magnets for my stall at my fete, and then off to check out the jazz festival later on. Have a wonderful long weekend everyone, enjoy the sunshine :)

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