Saturday, 23 August 2014

Weekend Inspiration

And I'm back in the room!

Sorry for the unplanned hiatus, I've been sorting lots of things like visas, inoculations and kit for Kilimanjaro. Plus having 6 different inoculation's over the past week has made my body think it is being attacked resulting in horrible flu type symptoms while it tries to fight them all off...thankfully it seems to be getting better today! I've done no exercise since Tuesday and every day counts now it's only 6 weeks until Kilimanjaro so I'm off for a jog this morning (armed with lots of tissues!).

Not a lot else to report about this week, although we have had some work done on the flat and I will write a post about it.

As usual more on my pinterest page, and here is this week's selection of inspiration pics.

Along with a trunk to use as a coffee table I am forever on the look out for a sideboard like this to use as a TV unit in our living room. So far not found anything suitable, but I'm not actively looking and after the wedding and Kili maybe I'll actually have some money for furniture and can start looking! In the meantime look at the shape of this one...gorgeous!
This room caught my eye because it is modern and bright but still keeps and celebrates some of the period features. Also the grey toned flooring really adds to the light and bright feel, although I'd have gone with a different light fixture in here probably something metallic and a bit more simple...
This modern dining nook really makes such use of the window, and would make a great versatile space. You can eat there, the kids can do their homework, I would sit there to read (albeit with more cushions) or browse the web. Plus it looks so clean and simple which in a dining/kitchen area is always good for easy maintenance!
Have a great bank holiday weekend UK readers, I'm off for a hopefully not to sniffly run and then a BBQ later, maybe a hike tomorrow then as it's meant to rain all day Monday I'll be cleaning the flat and writing some more posts!
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