Friday, 29 May 2015

What now?

So, I'm a married woman!

Tom and I had a wonderful wedding just over a month ago and a gorgeous honeymoon in Napa, Hawaii and San Francisco.

Pictures of the wedding will eventually surface on the wedding page, but we haven't got them yet.

In the meantime I actually have spare time again (funny how climbing a mountain and getting married within 6 months of each other creates a rather busy life!) so thought I'd check in.

I'd love to get the blog back up and running, likely with some home projects but possibly a little more lifestyle based too as I have a lot of new interests now. The girl who started this blog 2 years ago is no more! I'm busy training for a few new challenges and I'd love to share a little of that journey with you, it's been a good one and something I never thought I'd do :)

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