Monday, 11 November 2013

Coming soon...

It's been a bit quiet over here lately, mostly because I have nothing much to tell you.

I've taken a break from the decluttering as we went on holiday, and also because we ran out of room in the hallway for the stuff to go (it was going well!). I took some of the cardboard and clothes to the recycling centre over the weekend and I have some more boxes now so I hope to get back on that this week. I'm actually almost there just the kitchen and bathroom left. Then getting rid of it all of course, which involves car boot sales and trips to the tip which relies on Tom and I having a day off together with time to maybe after Christmas! Can't wait to show you the pile to go, when we're done it's going to be huge! Have any of you been decluttering while I've been slacking?

I've been trying to catch up with the washing from holiday and the last few weeks which isn't going very fast as the weather is a bit rubbish for drying, so the bedroom is not photo worthy at the moment as the washing pile is bigger than me. I've been plotting some projects in there though and trying some things out which just need to be tweaked to make them work. I'll share once they're done and the room is a bit tidier!

I've also been looking at the living room, mainly the lack of colour, and how I want to go forward in there. I'm thinking at the moment of a load of pillows, maybe a rug and some curtains to bring in a bit more colour and interest as at the moment it's pretty boring in there.
So really this is a 'coming soon' post, my aims for the next few weeks are to finish the decluttering, finish the project in the bedroom and try to spruce up the living room a little (I might wait for the January sales for this one!).


  1. you have such a big window, what about bringing in a beautiful plant?

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, we do have 2 plants on there which are looking a little dead so I might get some more colourful ones to go in their pots...