Saturday, 16 November 2013

'Friday' Inspiration

Better late then never I suppose! After all the 'coming soon!' stuff on Monday I then promptly got ill and spent the rest of the week doing nothing. My only goal today is to do the washing up (as of course I've been ill so it has not been done for 4 days...we have no plates or cutlery clean so I've got to do it before lunchtime). It's just a cold/flu type thing but it is really kicking my ass!

We did go and see Tom Stade on Tuesday night at the town hall before I got the lurg and it was really good, he's really funny we were in hysterics the whole time would definitely recommend seeing him or getting the DVD...although my favourite one of his is this one and it's old so not on this tour. I chuckle every time I see faggots in the frozen food aisle (I know from the stats I have American readers - that means something different here...kinda why it's funny).

So this is Friday inspiration a day late, weekend inspiration let's say...all from my pinterest board.

I like this all-white room with the pop of colour from the bright runner
I love so many things here, the wall colour, the bedding, the bedside cabinets and lamps, but the winner has got to the the headboard.
I think what originally made me pin this was the large frame wall behind the table, I really like the layout. However on a second look the floor is pretty awesome (I don't think that's a rug under the table)
So that's it for this week, I'm off to feel sorry for myself and watch Dexter all day now they have 6 series on lovefilm :)

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