Saturday, 1 February 2014

Weekend Inspiration

I didn't do an inspiration post in January, whoops! I promise to get back on my regular posting schedule, life kind of took over the last few weeks. There's also a post over on the wedding blog today, all about winter weddings.

I've done my first steps course at the climbing centre this month, so now we can do more climbing then bouldering as I can belay and already liking climbing on the longer routes. We're planning a week climbing outdoors in the summer so I need to get practised with belaying, knots etc but I think bouldering will  always be my first love. Weird to hear myself talking about a sport like that, a year ago I would never have pictured myself doing this 3-4 times a week let alone actually enjoying it!

Alongside the fitness motivation and tips (seriously what has happened to me??) and the wedding pins there is still a lot of home inspiration going on over on pinterest. The theme this week seems to be windows, or natural light and bringing the outside in. This wasn't on purpose I think as it is so dark and horrible when I pinned these (probably December) I was craving light and sun!

The large windows and courtyard here, with all the trees and foliage, feel open yet somehow isolated. I'd love to have a really light and airy house looking out onto a garden one day. The website this is from is interesting if you click on the photo to have a look.
As we don't even have a window in our bathroom this make me so jealous! Looks like a rainfall shower too and a nice big shower enclosure...
This house takes natural light to the extreme! Maybe a bit too far for me (Imagine the neighbours being able to see every inch if your house) but I love the look of it and I imagine the light glowing from inside at night would look pretty.
Have a lovely weekend all, I'm off to get a new handbag with my Christmas vouchers then to book up some function rooms for some events...stay tuned for more info on those!

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