Saturday, 15 February 2014

Weekend Inspriation

Getting this one in rather late, I've been busy and poorly and trying to fit in extra work all adds up to not much free time. It also added up to a meltdown on Thursday over the housework (The flat was DISGUSTING) and a discussion with Tom over sharing the responsibility equally. Anyway he's not lazy, just a little oblivious, so has promised to try to be more aware of what needs doing and I will try to remind him nicely.

I promise to share the details on why I'm suddenly so fitness crazy soon, it's not confirmed yet, but I will be asking for sponsorship :)

Being ill means lots of pinning, so this is what's caught my eye this week...

While I'm not too much of a fan of open plan living (I like at least the kitchen to be separate from the living area, very old fashioned!) the light here and the second floor living room would make me reconsider
This bright and airy apartment with a little balcony just radiates warmth, and I love the herringbone flooring.
Subway tile is my favourite tile (Is it odd that I have a favourite tile, having never tiled anything?) and I would be over the moon to have a bright turquoise kitchen like this
More next week, with an actual project. I know, something I've actually done, in our flat. Remember those? I did lots last year then seemed to run out of them around October...

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