Wednesday, 18 June 2014


I saw a post on twitter the other day (I didn't actually note down who it was sadly) on weekly gratitude. Just someone listing what they were grateful for that week. This week when a lot of people I know are going through some really tough times I've been really examining my little life and I think it's good to practice gratitude for the small things. Even if you're having a bad week there's usually something small you can be grateful for.

These are things I'm grateful for this week:

  • Sunshine, or at least warm non raining weather.
  • My courtyard garden and its new look (update soon)
  • All the things keeping me busy, the Kilimanjaro climb, the wedding and now the 18 month course I've signed up for at work - because they are all amazing opportunities although this year will be epically busy!
  • A quiet life, although we have lots on we don't have a lot of drama and stress and I'm grateful for quiet evenings in, shared goals and being a team when it does get tough.
  • Flashing my first 6A route in the boulder room :) I've been climbing 6A's for a while now but always had to work on them and did one first try this past week. Not a great achievement or anything near but definite progress for me!

I am of course grateful for the big things like a roof over my head, my family, Tom, my job etc but I think it's a really nice idea to think about the things that we are grateful for that seem smaller or more trivial, as these are often overlooked and it's the small things that make up a life! I might make this a regular post (maybe not weekly but semi regularly) to try to keep the vibe positive around here.

What are you guy's grateful for this week?

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