Sunday, 8 June 2014

Weekend Inspiration

Well we had a jam packed week, we did a night summit of mount Snowdon last Saturday to simulate summit night of Kilimanjaro. It was really worthwhile and we both managed well but we were knackered after, mainly due to having to get up and do the climb at midnight!
However it meant we got to the top at sunrise so it was well worth it.
Then we were home for one night then off for a week of camping and rock climbing in the Peak District at Stanage Edge. It was an amazing week, we got loads of climbing done despite some wet weather, with only one day spent at an indoor centre in Sheffield due to the rain. It wasn't particularly hard climbing we were doing, as Tom was trying out leading outside for the first time so we took it steady, but it was a really enjoyable week just to be outside climbing all day :)
I actually feel I progressed this week with my climbing, but more in my head than on grades or difficulty. As I said they weren't technically hard routes, but some had big gaps to bridge, or big moves to go for, and I did all of them without wussing out. I'm well proud of that as fear is what often holds me back, that panic that seeps in and makes your hands not want to cooperate with your mind, now I feel like I finally have a handle on it and I had to have a few words with myself on some climbs but I finished all of them.

I think this is the inspiration for this week - You can do more than you think you can. Believe me you really can. You are stronger than you would ever imagine. This week I've climbed a mountain, and been up and down a cliff face more times than I can remember, and spent an all day session at an indoor centre and finished all the routes I tried there. I'm feeling pretty battered, sunburnt and bruised but also pretty damn invincible and like I have made some massive achievements. This time last year I had only just started climbing, I certainly never thought I would ever even sign up for a climb like Kilimanjaro, let alone be feeling ready for it by now! I'll also be back to my usual training schedule next week (gym Mon, climbing Tue, rest Weds, running club Thurs, gym Fri, rest sat, climbing Sun) which I actually enjoy now, anyone who knows me knows this would not have been enjoyable for me even 6 months ago! I hated PE at school and have pretty much been inactive since then, up until last year. So that pipe dream you've had of doing something big? Do it. You really could make it, and worst thing that could happen? You could try and fail. So what? As long as you give it the best you can that's great - at least you'll know.

Now I am home and spending today tackling the washing pile, and cleaning up the mould we are still getting inside as the unit that was promised hasn't been fitted yet...must get onto that...

P.S I am doing the climb for charity, if any of you would like to sponsor me below :)

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