Tuesday, 22 April 2014

If we owned our flat

I hope you all had a good Easter and nice relaxing long weekend, don't forget to enter my Easter giveaway!

This month I have been spending more time outside, and I think if we owned our flat I would spend a bit of money on the garden. It's ok as it is but I would like to add a few more things to maximise the space and make it easier to use.
Nothing too exciting, but I would probably either paint it or lay a patio over the concrete floor and would add in some trellis or hanging baskets to make use of all the vertical space since it is enclosed by 3 walls. Plus some places to attach a washing line would be amazing as we currently just put the clothes airers outside and they fall over if there is anything more that a breeze. I'd also build in some bench seating like these
Then we could get rid of the small patio set and just have built in benches, which we could put plant pots on when not being used as often it is just us 2 in the garden but we do like to have a BBQ every now and then and it would be useful to be able to seat more outside. Something where the seat lifts up for storage inside would also be great to put the hosepipe, gardening tools, gas for the bbq etc inside to make the most of our space. I'd love it to be like an outside room...with seating, pillows, lots of hanging baskets and lights.

I will share an update on the garden soon as a few plants are coming back to life...I think I'll keep a bit more simple this year as I overcrowded the space a little last year but we'll see.

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