Saturday, 12 July 2014

Weekend Inspiration

Ah the weekend has arrived, and I am so glad it has! I have an ever growing to do list, and am checking things off today like empty the hallway of the junk that has accumulated in there since my fete...and pay for Kilimanjaro and my wedding dress! So big things going on today...and I WILL take photos of the garden and our new bed to share on here.

In the meantime it's time for weekend inspiration, I've fallen off the bandwagon with these lately but I like them so trying to get back on it!

This industrial feeling, high ceilinged kitchen with the open stairs above is dramatic enough, but those windows!
This bohemian feel kitchen is so different to the one above, but I love the rug on the painted floor...and the white cabinets with open shelving...and the colourful back splash...and the shelf along the wall at eye height, perfect for displaying photos or recipes!
This appears to be kitchen week...another different style, but another one I like (I seem to be a bit of a kitchen magpie, just taking bits I like from different styles). This one looks sleek and elegant, and the island with a sink in it is my ultimate dream kitchen item. I love the light fixtures, and the pantry through on the right. I'd have a different tile here, maybe a plain white or a penny tile in a silver colour...something cleaner looking anyway.
OK, I'm off to eat then for a productive few hours! Have a great Saturday whatever you're up to xx

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