Saturday, 19 July 2014

Weekend Inspiration

Pretty standard week around here, work, gym, climbing...we're out for a meal tonight with friends then going to walk to Tom's mum's tomorrow for a training walk, about 10 miles I think so wish us luck! We'll be getting dinner at the end of it so I'm sure we'll manage :)

I had planned to go out all day to the local lido to sunbathe and swim as we have had glorious weather all week...then it rained all day. So I've been cleaning, post writing and doing yoga, sometimes it's nice just to have a day at home. Just time for a quick inspiration post today then before I go and get dressed (which I better hurry up and do, can't go out in my flat cleaning/yoga clothes now can I).

This pretty collection of plates is worth displaying
I love using maps in decor, and these would sit well on a mantel or hung above a desk. You could also use pins to mark where you've travelled to.
This house...oh my. Click through on the picture for bigger images these seem to all be coming out really small, it's worth the look!
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend all, may your plans not be washed out by thunderstorms!

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1 comment:

  1. wow, good luck with your walk! nice to have company for training purposes

    the dish set up is all kinds of pretty, thanks!