Sunday, 27 July 2014

Weekend Inspiration

I have had a wonderful weekend, a training walk yesterday around local hill enjoying the views and sunshine...then a day at the local outside pool today with my sisters and niece. Also had a personal training session Friday and another booked for tomorrow so feeling good. Just over 2 months until Kilimanjaro now and starting to feel ready!

A photo from the top of the hill, the path is steep but not very long (not many mountains locally that I can practice on unfortunately!) so I went up and down a few times to really work my legs out, this was taken while I was quietly dying after the last go!
Still been pinning of course, although I actually tend to do most of my pinning and other web browsing in the week, like on the bus to work so most of these aren't actually from this weekend but I'm sure most of them have been on the web for months or years anyway!

Like this pin which has been around in various guises for years...but I like it and I love a good map (last week we had maps in weekend inspiration too!) plus me and Tom love to travel and have lots of plans for places to go. I like that you could add to this over the years, either by adding more frames or extending it to a larger one.
This started as a wedding pin, but doesn't really fit in to what we're going with (I went a bit inspiration crazy at the start and just pinned everything I liked but now trying to narrow it down!) and it would be nice in a home. Especially if you are the kind of person who changes d├ęcor for the season, it would be a nice autumn/winter item for a mantel or table layout. So cheap too, just some glasses and some twigs!
I don't actually know where this is because the pin leads to a warren of Tumblr reblogs...and the source is not quoted on half of them...but just look at these houses! I'd have a little greenhouse/sunroom going on in those glass windows!
Have a lovely Sunday evening all, I'm off to shower and put some leave in conditioner in my hair and apply some aftersun...I love the feeling after a weekend of being outside in the sunshine but my skin and hair disagree!

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