Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bread Bin to Spice Rack

Our kitchen is pretty new and lovely, so we aren't planning to do a lot in here other than try and keep our stuff under control and keep it looking tidy. There are less cabinets here than we had at our last house so we need to find storage solutions for a lot of things, like spices. We kept them in a cabinet at our last house but there's no room for them here since all the cabinets are full. I looked around for a while for a spice rack, but most seemed to be wall mouted ones which we can't have, and the counter top ones I did see either didn't hold enough jars to house our collection or I just didn't like them (And as it will be on the counter top I'd have to look at it every day so didn't want to settle for something I didn't like). So one corner of the kitchen looked like this for a while, the spices are all in that carrier bag.
So on the same shopping trip as when I got the ottomans in the last post I bought this:
It's meant to be a mini bread bin 11.99 from The Range (although it wouldn't fit a loaf of bread, maybe only about 4 bread rolls)
We keep the most used ones like salts, pepper, basil, mint and nutmeg on top for easy access.
Then the rest all go inside and are hidden away. The canvas behind is from HomeSense bought a few years ago now, we also have these other two, they were under a tenner each I think.
Much better, although there is still too much out on the counters for my liking so there will be more reorganising to come.

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