Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Other Shoe Rack

I mentioned in the last post I bought 2 shoe hangers, even though all my shoes fitted into one. This is because I saw a picture on Pinterest that gave me a bit of an epiphany regarding this cupboard in the bathroom that I said I wanted to make better use of
It makes sense for us to keep the cleaning supplies in this cupboard as in our last house we kept them in the kitchen but we don't have cabinet space for them here. They were at the back in his picture in carrier bags, behind the ironing board and mop. I originally then put it all into 2 plastic boxes and stacked them at the back in the same place. However as there's a shelf at the back all of the taller stuff like the ironing board had to go at the front, so to get to the cleaning supplies I had to take everything in the front of that picture out of the cupboard, remove the box to get what I wanted out then put it all back in. This was a massive pain in the backside to do just to grab some polish so after having done it a few times I was ready to find somewhere else to keep this stuff. I saw a picture on Pinterest of shoe hangers being cut up and stuck to the inside of bathroom cabinets to store cosmetics, and I came up with this:

I used the second shoe hanger, just hung over the inside of the door with all of the cleaning supplies I would need on a day to day basis in there, so now when one of the cats pukes on the floor I can just grab the carpet cleaner (Always have a good spot cleaner if you have cats, espcially if you rent!). It also means there's a bit more room in this cupboard
So now I can also keep in here the medicine box and the lightbulbs (behind the ironing board) which were in the kitchen before and as we're struggling for space in there a bit it makes sense to move things into here. I want to find a shelving unit that can stand on that shelf at the back, then we can have shelves going further up to maximise the space in this cupboard and move more stuff into here from the kitchen (Placemats, christmas themed tableware) and also the bedroom (blankets and bedding in boxes), as it's the only built in storage we have I want to get as much in here as possible.

That's how we reorganised our storage space with something meant for another job, so always keep in mind you don't have to use something for it's intended purpose for it to be perfect for the job!

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