Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Happy Birthday Tom

It's Toms birthday today :)

He's at work, and we don't have any big plans tonight but we're going to see a Pink Floyd tribute band tomorrow night at the town hall, so just a soppy birthday post today dedicated to my man, happy birthday babe!
 We've been all over together, road trips
Carribean Islands
Holidays with friends
He puts up with my silly fears, like not walking over the golden gate bridge in case I fall off...
He takes time do things I wouldn't usually bother to do, like hire rowing boats (and then does all the rowing)
 He always drives on long trips
 All over the world!
He tells me when I'm starting to get sunburn, and doesn't mind applying cream to my back about 50 times a day
He points out for me when we cross a river
He's adventurous
And a musician
He's handsome
 And keeps in shape
 We have fun together
He pursuades me to do things I usually wouldn't, like snorkelling
 And going on speedboats
He still surprises me sometimes after all these years
He's dependable, you can always count on him to be a stable foundation
We met through these guys
And the rest of his friends
 and he has some special friends
 I mean really special
 He gets involved with my crazy, big family
And I get involved with his
 We're partners in crime
We have our mad pets
p.s they say happy birthday too...

I wouldn't trade him for anything

Happy Birthday Tom!

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