Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Junk in the Trunk

We downsized to move to our current flat from a two bedroom to a one bedroom, although we didn't lose a lot (if anything) in floor plan as we do have those 2 hallway areas that make up for it. However we did lose the garage and the attic which were both full of stuff at our last house. This means that although we got rid of a lot of stuff before we moved and are still getting rid of things now we are eager to get our hands on any storage solutions going.

After our trip to The Range to get our book shelves I went back to get some things we saw there but didn't buy at the time. One was this:

A set of one large and 2 small hampers, £49.99. Which is a bargain for how much storage space they allow, they were destined for the hallway.

I just wanted to make the room look better and a bit more usable as one side looks like this which is fine (Although the bookshelves don't match as 2 were in our spare room and one was in the living room at our last house)

But turn around and hiding behind the door is this mess

So I filled both our new hamper and the old trunk that's hiding under all that mess in the picture above with smaller items

All of Toms music equipment I sorted into this small chest of drawers that we have had for years, it's even filed (You can tell I'm not the musician huh?) into top drawer microphones, headphones and misc small items like plectrums, second drawer pedals and bottom drawer cables. I restrainied myself from labelling the drawers. I'm really not that sad that I file everything just, well, um, ok yeah I actually probably have some kind of organisational system for most things. My nickname really should be Monica, although my need to organise everything has found me a job that I'm told I'm good at so it has it's up side!

Much better! The view now when you walk in the front door

And to the left the shoe rack

And to the right the bookshelves and our spare chairs (Freecycle finds that I repainted that colour a while back, I'll do a how to at some point) and Toms amplifiers.

I got this old chest for £10 from a guy who was selling the whole contents of his house, he had such an interesting attic full of stuff like this and I could have bought about 10 of these from him if we had room for them! I'm planing to clean it up (Not too much though as I like the worn look) and maybe even use it as a coffee table.

Although this room is mostly for storage and we don't spend a lot of time in here I do like having some pictures and pretty canvases in here as we pass them every time we go out the door.

Our post and key bowl and some pictures of our beautiful nieces

The obligatory lint rollers by the door - we have 2 cats! Underneath is a box full of our gloves, scarves and hats and our bike pumps etc and backpacks. The canveses all came as a set of 3 from Asda a while back.

That was the first change to this room, I expect there will be loads more as we would like to make the room a bit more useable not just a storage area. The eventual plan is to get a large wardrobe or storage cupboard so that we can store large (Toms amplifiers, our suitcases) and small (tools, board games) things in there. There is so much stored under the bed that it's all starting to poke out the sides and it would be great to get some of the larger items like the Christmas tree out from under there (as I never considered it before but where the hell do you keep the Christmas tree when you don't have an attic?!). The hamper could then be reused in the bedroom to store all the bedding that is currently shoved on top of Toms wardrobe in an ikea bag. The smaller hampers don't have a home as yet but I'm sure I'll find somewhere for them before too long.

The other thing I bought was a solution to an issue in the kitchen, more on that in another post. 

P.S like the snazzy title? I thought it was hilarious when I thought of it...not so sure now

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