Wednesday, 2 October 2013

If we owned our flat

I'd change the carpet. We've found the carpet to really not be very hard wearing at all, look at the state of the living room one.

It seems to snag and pull really easily and really soaks up spills! We've never had this at previous houses and I really hate to think I might lose some of the deposit on it but what can you do? The cats are pretty good at not clawing stuff and use their scratching post, so I don't think it's their fault, but the carpet just seems to snag so easily.

The rest of the flooring is OK, the bathroom is hard wearing black lino and the wood floors in the hallway and dining room are great, the kitchen is a little marked and under the oven is actually a bit warped and chipped but it's still got a bit more life left in it. I'd just run the same flooring through the whole that is in the hallways, it's a nice dark wood and looks great with the white walls.
Ah well, nothing we can do but nice to think about it!

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