Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Simple Lavender Parcels

I've been posting in the wedding blog recently, check it out here if you're interested in weddings! In Mondays post I showed you how to make the lavender bags from dress sleeves, but only using the sleeves seemed a bit wasteful so I also made 2 lavender parcels for use in the drawers.

Cut a rectangle of fabric (again size depends on how much lavender you want to use) I wanted these pretty small
 Sew up 2 sides to make a pocket
 Turn inside out and fill with lavender
 Sew up the top
Fold the top over into a point, hiding the stitching. I just added the bead for a little decoration and to disguise the stitches a bit (I am not a neat sewer!) but I think it looks like a little clutch bag!

I also did this one following the same steps at the start but I didn't sew the top of the pouch closed just folded it over and sewed it down, adding the button to hide the sewing.

They take literally a few minutes to make, 10 minutes tops and I am no expert at sewing (I actually really suck at it) so I'd say most people could whip up a few of these one evening!

Now I have my lovely lavender bags all ready to make my clothes smell pretty.
This project has given me the confidence to try sewing a little more, as I thought I was terrible at it but they turned out great, baby steps though I won't be whipping up dresses just yet...maybe some pillow covers though...

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