Monday, 7 October 2013

Simple Lavender Bags

It feels like forever since I've actually had a project to share with you so this week I'll skip the decluttering post as I've not had much time to actually get any of it done and share the lavender bags I made (ages ago) from the lavender out of our garden.

The lavender had been drying for about a month in various places round the house, then sat on the coffee table for a few weeks until I got around to doing these, so it was nice and dried out.

I used an old dress which I had spilled nail varnish over and ruined, using the sleeves is easiest as they're already hemmed on the cuffs and are already tubular.

Cut off the amount needed (this will vary by what size you want and how much lavender you have to fill them)
 Turn it inside out and sew up the one side
 Turn it right way out again, and you get this nice little pouch
Sew the hemmed cuff part closed, making sure to only sew the insides of the hems together so it can't be seen from the outside. I don't recommend using your leggings to hold your needle but I don't have a pin cushion...
Add in a ribbon halfway along for hanging by just placing it between the 2 sides and continue sewing them together (this is a bit fiddly but I got there in the end)
Other ways I did think you could attach this if it really gets impossible would be to just loop the ribbon and sew it onto the top front of the pouch using a button or cute brooch to hide the stitching (unless you are really neat and can make the stitching look pretty - this is beyond my skills)
 Fill it up with lavender (I also used some dried mint for freshness) before sewing the last bit
I'm pretty proud of them, I never sew and am pretty bad at it but these are so easy even I managed it. All you need is some material, ribbon, needle and thread and of course the lavender. This project was 100% free as I used things we already owned but if you had to buy it all in it would be under £5 I think as you only need a minimal amount of fabric, some hankies or scraps would do.

I also used some more of the fabric for some smaller little parcel ones for inside drawers, post on those coming up soon!

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