Monday, 28 October 2013

The Hotel

While we were away in Albania we stayed in a hotel in Tirana for the first and last night's of our holiday. It was pretty fancy! I think hotels are often a good source for home inspiration, as nice ones are often well decorated.

This is the bed, that's Tom trying to start the apple tv with the iPad (actually weren't that impressed would have preferred normal tv). The bed was so comfortable, the pillows were a kind of gel and I have to get some for at home! It was also huge, I could have slept on it width ways! After 2 weeks of thin not very supportive mattresses at the apartment this was like sinking into a cloud...seriously I think my spine sighed...
The door on the right is into the bathroom, a glass door, and the full length window on the left is a window into the shower. It looked pretty cool but did mean no privacy in the bathroom!
Excuse the mess, I just ran round and snapped some quick pics with my phone and the camera (one I found it in the hand luggage!) before we unpacked and got out to explore Tirana! It's an interesting city, we had some nice meals in places near the hotel but as we were only there for one night at either end of the holiday we didn't really get the chance to explore too in depth. There was a nice park with a lake near to the hotel though which we had a walk around on our last day.

The bathroom was pretty awesome despite the total lack of privacy/sound insulation. The sink...
The shower. It had loads of settings to either be a waterfall, rainfall or just normal shower and I could have spent all day in there!
We also had 2 hours access to the spa and pool which we took full advantage of and it was a very relaxing end to the holiday! It's the same people we rented the apartment from that run the hotel, and it was all very well done. We had a driver and a car to take us to the apartment and the airport (although they forgot to get us from the airport on arrival!) and the spa access was a gorgeous end to the holiday.

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