Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bathroom Decluttering

I had one of those weekends a while back, where you just think 'right, I've been saying I must do this for weeks, this weekend it is happening'. I walked into town and bought 2 shower caddies on the Friday and spent Saturday morning reorganising the bathroom as I had been moaning about it being too cluttered for weeks but hadn't actually done anything about it.


 The metal bottles were also starting to leave rust marks, which thankfully came out after soaking in bleach.
This area is quite handy as we have no shelves in here but it was all starting to get a bit too cluttered.
I wanted to get things off the side of the bath and sink as it looked messy, it made it harder to clean and the bottles were starting to collect water behind them causing mildew.

I attached a second shower caddy to this redundant shower unit, so one has all of our shower stuff and one has all the rest of our toiletries.
Much better! Now I can clean around the bath in 2 seconds, without having to move all the bottles
It also got all the stuff off this shelf, leaving room for some pretty ornaments, the star votives are wedding favours from our friends Sam and Ben's wedding. The owl is from our holiday to the Dominican Republic, I've had the turtle since I was a kid I think it's from the rainforest cafe, and I found the blue bottle in a charity shop (our spare room used to be blue).
I've also had these for years and really have no idea where they're from, but I moved them to the top of the cistern for now, although eventually I'd like to put something larger here to balance things out, as we have loads of little things in here but no focal point.
I wear glasses and have about 10 pairs (I'm not even exaggerating there), so there is often at least one pair in the bathroom (as I take them off before getting in the shower, then put a different pair on when I get dressed), I think this is meant to be a soap dish but I put it here to be a drop spot for me to leave glasses and hair ties etc so they don't clutter up the shelf above the sink.
 Much less clutter, and also easier to clean
 There are still some larger bottles behind the sink, and that's the scales underneath
It's so much clearer in here now and I can just wipe over everything when I'm cleaning the bathroom rather than having to move loads of bottles around each time. The caddies were 4.99 each from Argos, they do larger ones but it was actually cheaper to get 2 smaller and it means we can store stuff I wouldn't necessarily want in the shower (Like deodorant, face wipes) in the other one.

I spent the Saturday afternoon sorting out the bedroom and finally have pictures to share of it after our new wardrobes went in so will share those soon!

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