Saturday, 9 March 2013

New Wardrobes!

In previous posts you may have noticed that one wardrobe really did not survive the move very well
To be honest it wasn't in great condition before we moved and there had been numerous attempts to fix it up, reattach the doors or brace it somehow, but now it really was going to fall over any day, and while we had been talking about getting new bedroom furniture for a while we didn't have the money to get new wardrobes right away. We wanted to get two the same or similar to go either side of the bed. For the size wardrobe we were looking for it was going to be about £300 each minimum, and we didn't have £600 knocking about just after moving house and Christmas. 

This is why I love the internet. I put out a wanted ad on Freecycle, did anyone have a wardrobe going spare that we could have until we saved up to replace this one? I got an email from someone saying that while they weren't free he was doing a house clearance and had some going very cheap and if I would be ok to pay a small sum we could collect them this week. I emailed back that we were definitely interested and could he send me more details. He had 3 wardrobes going for £10 each.

He sent me pictures and they were lovely 1920'-1930's wardrobes solid wood, good condition, for £10 each! We got a van from Tom's work and enlisted his Dad's help and went to pick them up the following weekend. When we got there he had a house full of stuff to go due to a family bereavement. Tom's Dad bought a lovely writing desk/bureau from him for £15. We bought all 3 wardrobes, as we also had been talking about getting one for our hallway to tidy it up in there a bit. 

So here they are...

My one:

Tom put the hamper on top because we have high ceilings so the top of the wardrobe is prime storage space, but it looks so much better than having boxes and bags of stuff up there. In these pictures the bedding is in there but it didn't stay for long, as in the first picture the duvet it all poking out of the top because even standing on a chair I can't reach to put it in properly!

Tom's one (The wall is crooked not the wardrobe, this is an old house!):

They were a little dented as they're quite old and also got a little scuffed in transport, but I think most of it will buff out and because they're solid wood I could always try re varnishing them if not.

We also swapped our wardrobes around, as Toms wardrobe before was larger then mine so it had to go in the larger alcove opposite the door, but it was then on my side of the bed.

And we love the one in the hallway

I'll share full room shots of them once we have reorganised as we currently have 3 wardrobes in the bedroom, one dismantled in the garden and the office looks like this because the chair has been evicted from the bedroom.
There are also coat hangers everywhere, we have gained a wardrobe but the hangers seems to have multiplied as well and there are hundreds of them! 

It also prompted a bit of a change around in the bedroom again, as the new wardrobes actually have less hanging space than our last ones but actually we both have too many clothes so we had a bit of a sort out and there are piles of clothes to go to the charity shop all over the place, and I can't hang the shoe rack on the front of mine any more. Also with the large one in the hallway we finally have more storage space for larger items!


  1. Hi Katie, found this post about your wardrobes in another post of yours, and wanted to see them (I've been shuffling around your blog for a few mins so far- more to come).... these are lovely. I had to do a currency converter to figure out that 10 pounds is like 15 dollars here in the US, but that's an outstanding price for them! I am envious! Off to stalk your blog some more :)
    Suzanne in NW Illinois, USA

    1. Yes we were pretty excited about the price!

      Thanks for reading,


  2. so gorgeous! beautiful wood and hardware, what a lucky find