Monday, 25 March 2013

The List

I have talked briefly in some posts about our plans for rooms, but I thought it might make a bit more sense to put it all in a to do list dated back to when we moved in to explain my plans for each room. This might get a bit long but I'll try and keep it concise!

Entrance Hallway

  • Get storage furniture - A large cupboard or wardrobe 
  • Organise the stuff stored in there
  • Add art and photos
  • Give the room a purpose other than storage and drying washing!
  • Once we have the wardrobe/cupboard move items from other rooms into it
  • Maybe a runner or a rug
  • Organise music equipment
  • New desk
  • New computer - I'm typing this first post on my new asus eee, well 2nd hand actually it was £75 on eBay and came with a full size screen also and a case, bargain!
  • New desk chair
  • Update fish tank (this really is a 'one day' thing as the one we have is fine it's just a bit dated)
  • Mat under cat litter tray
  • Add art and photos 
  • Sort out the lighting
  • Possibly change light fixture (the one in here came with the flat so we'd have to store it away safely)
  • Maybe a rug under the desk, see once we get the desk
  • New wardrobes asap
  • New bed
  • Find use for the old bedside tables or get rid of them - maybe repaint or otherwise update them
  • New bedside tables
  • Shoe storage
  • Bedside lamps
  • Declutter!
  • Organise under bed storage
  • Organise storage on top of wardrobes
  • New bedding
  • Art and photos
  • Update mirror and maybe hang on wardrobe door
  • Get some storage solutions for toiletries
  • Artwork and maybe photos
  • Organise the built in cupboard
  • Get a shelving unit for the built in cupboard to store more in there
Living Room
  • Get new sofa in
  • New coffee table - maybe a trunk or box
  • New CD and DVD shelves
  • Declutter
  • Stands for Toms guitars
  • Find places for all the photos and add in some larger pieces
  • DIY or buy a roman shade to brighten up the window
  • Runner for behind the sofa - maybe DIY
  • More cushions for the sofa - some different patterns and colours
  • Organise cupboards
  • Get a spice rack
  • Declutter work surfaces
  • Storage storage storage - top cupboards and in cabinets
  • Get a nicer dish drainer - done, I don't think there are actually any photos of our old one but it was a silver plastic one we had for ages and it was a bit gross 
  • Get a cutlery organiser for the drawer
  • Art and photos
  • New cups that match or at least look better than work freebie ones!
  • Maybe get a rug or better door mat
  • Move rarely used items into the hallway cupboard
  • Sort out bins, maybe one bin with 2 sections rather than 2 different bins
  • New cat bowls
  • Add plants in pots to the front
  • Add a window box to bedroom window
  • In back garden add plants in pots
  • Generally tidy back garden
  • Maybe find somewhere else to keep the bikes to free up space
  • Get some clocks! We have none in the whole house and have to check our phones or the TV for the time
  • Sort out all the bills (at the time of writing this I still have not had our final electricity bill from when we moved in here and have not had the deposit back from our last house)
  • Find homes for all the photo frames and ornaments, this will probably be ongoing as we move and acquire furniture
The main themes seem to be decluttering/organising and art work or photos. We downsized to move here so are still figuring out our stuff and we have a lot of small photos, artworks and ornaments so I'd like to add in more large high impact pieces to make for a cleaner look.

That's it for now but each project usually spawns another so this will most definitely expand as we go!

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