Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday Inspiration

This week has been pretty busy, we went to see Stereophonics last night at the racecourse which was brilliant, although I have vowed it was the last time I am standing, especially standing right in the middle as I can never see a thing anyway, its too hot and my back is killing me today. So I'm having a lazy day today, writing some blog posts and taking the cats to the vets later which is always fun trying to get them into the pet carriers...

Anyway, these are things I've seen this week that I found inspiring, as always more on my pinterest.

This room is a bit to girly for me, but the trunk/box used as a coffee table is exactly what I want to use in our living room
I'm always looking for ways to hang lots of pictures without picture hooks, this is such a good idea
I love this map wall, a similar look could be achieved by a tenant using a large poster pasted onto a sheet of plywood (I have plans for some large scale decoration like this)
 It is my dream and aim in life to have a kitchen large enough for an island like this, and those orange stools look so cheerful, and the light fixture...this is my dream kitchen!
I love this idea to use shelves at night stands
Have great weekends all, I'm hoping to make some progress on a DIY rug for the living room

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