Thursday, 28 March 2013

Payday Wish List

I often window shop and admire things without having any intention of buying them, so thought I'd try out a monthly wish list, and what better time than payday!

I could spend all day in IKEA but I'm loving these
Barometer floor lamp £47
Rundel laundry bin £55 - perfect for the bathroom

From House of Fraser
Black Orchid dining table now £1890 in the sale
Hotel collection duvet set £90 in the sale (was £330 - for bedding?!)

From Habitat (where I often browse but never ever can afford to buy!)
Max oak coffee table £300
HANA freestanding mirror with storage shelves £300 (you could so DIY a cheaper version with this and this totalling £61)

That's my little round up of things I've seen this month, they aren't necessarily things I could afford or that would even go in our flat but just what I would buy were I in the market for a large dining table or had a spare few hundred quid to spend on a coffee table!

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