Thursday, 2 May 2013

Could we buy our flat?

Tom and I have rented for a long time, and like a lot of people would like to buy somewhere eventually. People ask us in every place we live if there's scope to buy it, I don't think this would be possible where we are as the landlords live in the house above and own the whole building, splitting the flat and the house could be a bit awkward and I think they like using it for the rental income. However, since we moved to Cheltenham I started to wonder if we could afford to buy in such a seemingly expensive area so I had a little browse on a few websites to see what we could afford, and I was actually pleasantly surprised!

We could afford to buy a flat similar to ours, there are even 1 bedroom flats (albeit with no garden) in areas we would want to live advertised for under our budget. We have a rough idea of how much we could afford to borrow but obviously that is only a rough guide as it all just depends on the market when we actually come to buy.

If we didn't mind somewhere that needed a bit of TLC we could even get somewhere larger (Or in nicer areas like Montpellier and Pittville) for quite cheap and do it up and end up with a nice place, and you know I would love a project!

So there we go, we could be living in a flat we own sooner than we hoped, obviously not any time that soon as we have a contract here and we still need that pesky deposit and there is always something that drains the funds but it's good to know that there are places within our price range around.

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  1. I remember before I bought my house I checked basically every bank and building society website I could think of to see how much I could borrow with each! And I also checked rightmove religiously every day. You should get a basic approval from a bank that lasts for 6 months, then put your name down with estate agents... some of the best properties don't even make it online!