Friday, 17 May 2013

Friday Inspiration

After today I have 10 days off work, and it's my birthday on Monday - woohoo! So I'm in a pretty good frame of mind this evening, and off for a nice meal tonight with work to top it off.

These are the lovely and inspiring photos I've seen this week

I always wondered how people painted the inside of bottles and still kept flowers in them without the water ruining the paint, this post explains it! It's in Spanish but the pictures are pretty self explanatory if like me your Spanish only extends to 'un vino blanco por favor' :)

I love the colour here, and the informal dining area with benches rather then chairs, the light fixture is also pretty awesome

OK the chair placement is a bit odd (2 chairs just looking at the bed, expecting an audience?) but I really like the lamp and the light airy feel...

I think this tile effect is interesting, although I probably wouldn't go for pink shiny ones stripes of tiles add something a bit different

OK, not so much the teen bedroom look I was inspired by here but the hanging photos with clothes pegs. I'm always looking for ways to display photos without having to put holes in the walls...

As always more on my pinterest, have a brilliant weekend!

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