Tuesday, 14 May 2013

How am I doing?

Firstly, thanks for reading over the last few months, it really been great to have a creative outlet and a little corner of the internet to whitter on about our flat, home d├ęcor and renting. I'm amazed some days to look at the stats and see that people are actually reading!

After the last post on the progress we've made over the last 6 months with the flat and what I still want to do, I thought I'd also ask you guys what you want to see more of here on the blog. I'm pretty new to this so would love to hear how you think I'm doing.

A few things I've been wondering...
  1. I try to post every other day, and to be honest with working full time I'm unlikely to be able to write a post every day all the time but I could sometimes post more often, would you like to see more posts? Or is the current amount enough?
  2. At the moment I have a few regular posts like the Friday Inspiration and Payday Wish List series, are there any other regular posts you'd like to see? Like maybe a Q&A/discussion style post on renting or anything you want to send me questions on (obviously nice questions no rude topics my parents read this!)
  3. Other than those few regular posts I really just update with any projects I have going on, mostly small stuff (as we rent I'm unlikely to renovate the kitchen or knock down any walls...yet haha), but is there anything you want to see less of/more of? I have a lot of non decorating related posts to write on our experiences as tenants in the past and on things like renting with pets...
That's all the things I've been wondering, really just feel free to comment, email, facebook, or however else you want to get in touch any time with a question, comment or feedback (Or just to say hi, I'd love to know who's reading)


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