Tuesday, 7 May 2013


I was changing the cat litter tray the other day when I noticed this
Water behind the turtle tank. Damn.Well actually at the time I think I said some words rather more explicit than 'damn'

This looks a bit odd that I just took a photo of the spreading puddle, the thing is I can't move the tank on my own (it's heavy) so had to wait for Tom to get home, and had already got the turtles out and started draining the water with the syphon at this point! Also I turned off the extension cord at the wall as soon as I noticed it sat in a puddle.

So the turtles got an unscheduled trip into the bath, Tom got a panicky phone call from me that went something along the lines of 'when will you be home...ok no rush but the tank's leaking water everywhere', and then we spent Friday night sorting it out. It seems the tank itself is fine no leaks from the joins or anything, but the filter was leaking. It sits in the cupboard in the stand and the water was going out the back so we hadn't noticed until the puddle got quite large.

We dismantled it, cleaned it out and put it back together carefully, so far it seems to be ok (We think maybe we didn't put it back together properly last time), but we might need to get a new one sooner rather than later as it's starting to show it's age and is meant for fish not turtles. The stand has also gotten quite damp from standing in the water, so it's looking a bit gross. We got the dehumidifier in to try and dry it out (and obviously cleaned up all the water) but it might be time for a more modern one sooner that we thought.

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