Monday, 12 August 2013


Before we moved I got rid of tons of stuff, and I'll write a post on how we did that as I followed a pretty effective method and I'm planning to redo the process soon, however that'll be a pretty wordy post and I had a busy weekend! So today we have the second phase of 'the big declutter' (yeah I gave it a project name), following the bedroom sort out and clothes cull I was on a roll so was looking for more stuff to get rid of.

The entrance hall is another room that just seems to collect junk, so first to get the bin liner treatment were the coats on the door.
We (I) have loads, and really I only need one winter coat, one light summer jacket and one blazer/smart jacket. I had 3 winter coats, 2 blazers and 3 summer jackets. Most of these went in the charity shop bin liner and now it looks like this.
Then onto the wardrobe, we got it for storage but it had gotten a bit packed with stuff all just shoved in haphazardly so it was hard to get anything else in there and it was hard to get anything out. So after a reorganise it was all stacked nicely and there's room for more. Sometimes you don't even need to get rid of things just arranging them properly makes more space (It was a bit like tetris only heavier, more awkward and a lot less fun).

Then onto this box. This box has been in here since we moved (9 months ago), you can just about see it tucked under the chairs in the photos above. This box does not contain anything that belongs to me. This box is full of things that were mostly never used at our last house and I am reasonably confident will not be used here.
I pulled it out from under the chairs and the items in there need to actually be used or put somewhere that is not  a cardboard box on the floor or they will go in the bin...enough said I think!

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  1. That's a lot of coats! It's amazing how much better you feel after a good declutter.