Monday, 19 August 2013

The Plan

When we moved it seemed like I got rid of half of our possessions as we were downsizing, yet we are still overrun with stuff! I don't think the issue is that the flat is too small, 2 people should be able to live in a large-ish one bedroom flat without struggling for space. The problem is we have too much stuff. I think most people do (people I know anyway) and although I'd love to be minimalist I just keep too much of life's detritus and most of it is stuff I could live without.

I knew we needed to get serious about getting rid of stuff last year before we moved when we started looking at town centre flats, while we had a garage, spare room and attic full of stuff. I'd pinned this a while before '8 weeks to a less cluttered home' which as we had been given 2 months notice worked out perfectly! You can go to the website here.

The Plan

I want to do this decluttering method again as we still have too much clutter. When I did this last time I didn't know where we would be living, and we brought stuff with us that we don't need.

The approach is to really break down your home into areas, not just 'bedroom' but into really small areas, like doing the drawers one day, the wardrobe another then under the bed last. I adjusted her way a little as it has days for kids rooms, second bathrooms (I wish) etc, but I used the days I wouldn't be doing these areas on the areas I thought would need more than the days allocated (our attic and garage mainly). It really helps to have this plan and to tailor it to your home, I had it stuck on the fridge and ticked off each day once I had done.

Breaking it all down also makes it a little less scary, instead of worrying that you are chucking too much stuff out you're only putting a few things a day into the 'bin' 'sell' or 'charity' piles. However, the pile of stuff to get rid of grew so rapidly and we made £60 at a car boot sale and made numerous trips to the tip. I also had the rule that anything that went into the 3 piles didn't come back out, anything that didn't sell at the car boot got donated and didn't come back into the house.

I'm going to adjust the list again for our home and will share it next week, and I'll hopefully get started soon on getting rid of all of our clutter! It might be fun (My idea of fun anyway haha) if you want to play along at home and we can compare our lovely clutter free homes at the end  :)

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