Friday, 23 August 2013

Friday inspiration

Pretty good week here, we had a great outdoor bouldering session on Sunday, I was terrified as its the first time I've been outside the boulder room and it was pretty high up, but I made it to the top of both climbs.

Action shot!

I look like I'm moving there but doubt I am, I was probably hyperventilating and trying to make myself go for the next hold. Sounds like I don't enjoy it but I promise I do! Just need to get used to being high up.

Any way this week has been pretty climbing heavy with that and 2 boulder room sessions, but still found time for some home inspiration.

The lavender is drying nicely so I'm looking at different things to do with it, I'll make some drawer and wardrobe fresheners but something like this is also an option
I love this bright airy living room, the white back ground and bright colours are really cheery and informal, and the midcentury furniture is gorgeous!
This kitchen is so colourful and different, not something I'd chose myself but if I inherited it in a house or it was in somewhere I was staying I'd love it!

Looking forward to a quiet and productive weekend, hope you all have a good one!

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