Friday, 2 August 2013

Friday Inspiration

100th post! I'm quite proud I've kept going and made it to the big 1-0-0!

We're still waiting on tenterhooks about the date for our wedding, but other than that a pretty uneventful week. I've been busy listing half my wardrobe on ebay and we also managed to sell one of Toms amplifiers (see my ebay account here for some bargains, all ending Sunday!).

I've also linked up my DIY table decorations  over at another blog here, if you have a few minutes go over and check out the rest of the projects!

Anyway onto the home inspiration...

The light fixture here is so unusual and really draws your eye, I also love the modern chairs
I love this art because of the Incubus song title reference, and because it's easy to reproduce. Can you believe it costs $170 though!! I could make it for under a tenner!
It would be an absolute b*tch to keep clean but how pretty is this hammered silver sink?
Looking forward to a quiet weekend, lots to do and in need of a lie in!

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