Wednesday, 31 July 2013

June/July Flowers

I didn't do a June flowers post as I only had a few flowers recently, and the one bunch I had in June lasted weeks, literally the best flowers I've ever bought!

They were dyed chrysanthemums from Asda, even on offer for £1.88

Then I got these lovely peonies from my work friends as an engagement gift


At the moment I've got these dyed chrysanthemums as I loved the vibrant colours, I think dyed flowers might be my new favourite, you can have any colour in any season!

These are cut down into the small white pot rather than the tall glass vase because it's better to have a lower one on the coffee table...actually it's because I broke the glass vase and this is the excuse I'm using for its disappearance. Anyone who knows me knows this is a regular occurrence, so it was only a cheap vase and I'll replace it sometime with another cheap vase which will eventually be broken. This is also why we have mismatched crockery, glasses and cups as I break on average 2-3 things a month, clumsy!

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