Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A bit of obsessive cleaning...

The post on Monday is what I did Saturday afternoon in the sunshine, however I spent the morning doing something a lot less pleasant. I was cleaning all our door frames and skirting boards.

It sounds a little OCD, but I noticed this last week on the bedroom door

The only thing I can think it's from is where the cats go in and out and rub against the frame and the door. Gross. So I got out the vinegar spray (from the pound shop a while back and it luckily came off pretty easily.
It drew my attention to the rest of the skirting boards and doors. Most of them were OK as I hoover over them when I do the floors but some were a bit dusty and dirty, especially in high traffic areas.
I went over them all with a squirt of vinegar spray and a cloth. Soon the place was back to looking bright white and clean again and after a thorough hoover on Monday it's looking even better.
I also did all the light switches, and walls around the switches as they can get grubby, like the pull light in the bathroom
I even did around the door frames and the actual doors, we often prop the back door open to let fresh air into the kitchen and living room so it gets pretty dusty and dirty.  
 And the front door is pretty cobwebbed!
 Now so shiny you can almost see my reflection in it!
I also found a few areas of mould which are something to look out for in a basement flat, in the bedroom behind the washing basket and wardrobe
I've moved the basket away from the wall a bit to try and avoid that coming back, we're hoping to replace the basket anyway as it's a bit knackered.
This guitar case was down the side of the wardrobe so I've moved it out (and given it a good clean) and will try and find somewhere else to keep it
 Much better!
Also in this corner of the bathroom behind the toilet where the bin was, I've moved it to the other side now and will leave this corner empty to stop it building back up again

It's one of those every 6 months jobs that's hard work but really quite satisfying as the place actually looks a lot better for it!

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