Monday, 8 July 2013

I've not killed the plants yet!

It turns out I actually can plant a garden and not kill all the plants off within a few weeks! I have the opposite problem now that some of the plants are doing better than expected and it's looking a bit crowded. (you can see previous posts on the garden here, here and here)
The clematis was also threatening to start climbing onto the walls, which we don't want to happen
I got this trellis for £10 from Wilko. I actually went into the pound shop after and saw similar ones in there, but the queues in both shops were massive and it was hot and I couldn't be bothered to return this one a buy another, moral of the story - always check the pound shop first!
I've done this before with a clematis in a pot and it worked really well, I jut cut some of the tape connecting it to the pole it came on, not all of them just enough to loosen it a little.
Then just bent the trellis and stuck it into the pot behind the plant, hopefully it'll grow into a nice big plant and we can screen the barbecue a little with it
 I moved it out to give the others a bit more room so it looks a little less crowded now
I'm hoping we can pull some of the larger plants round to in front of the barbecue and bikes once they're a bit bigger, we won't be able to screen it completely but it'll look a bit less gross!

The lavender has gone mad! I'm hoping to try drying some of it out and maybe making some drawer fresheners or linen spray
The forsythia has gone back to green as it flowers in the spring but it's growing well, the label says they can grow up to 4ft and I've seen ones bigger, so hopefully it will get larger.
 The random shrub that was here when we moved in is also doing well and growing
I'm so proud of our tomato plants, they've all grown massive! I've tied them onto the poles again higher up as a few of them were breaking under their own weight
 We're going to have loads of tomatoes!

The herbs are kind of doing well, the mint and parsley have taken over, and we also have another pot of mint on the opposite side of the garden (next to the forsythia) so we really need to use it up, mojitos anyone?
The rose bush that isn't meant to be outside isn't doing great but it hasn't died yet, and the sunflowers are growing about an inch every day! I'll have to get longer poles at this rate!
So I went in town in the morning Saturday, then kind of pootled about in the garden for a bit then spent the rest of the day here...


p.s not my cigarette ends in the pot there on the table, I haven't taken up smoking again I just had some smokers come over recently and haven't emptied my makeshift ashtray yet.

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