Monday, 29 July 2013

Picture Positioning

I had a massive sort out of the bedroom and my clothes over the weekend, if you're interested in buying anything see my ebay page Loads of bargains most stuff starts at 99p! Anything that doesn't sell will go off to swapping websites or the charity shop as I love all the space in the bedroom now, post to come on that!

After hanging some pictures on the wall in the living room and playing with some table settings, I've moved some pictures and canvasses around in the flat, so just a quick update on the bookshelves and turtle tank.

The tank did look like this
A little cluttered and some of the photos were getting damp due to being near to the seam in the lid, now it looks like this
A bit less, the photos are all here now 
In the bookshelves in the hallway, I moved the pinboard in here as well and a few other pictures as the candles and canvases have moved off (one canvas on the table, the other 2 currently homeless). Also the china doll sherlock holmes lives here in the corner, no comment on that one it's not mine.
So that's the little change around a few weeks ago, there have been a few more switches recently, updates soon!

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