Friday, 5 July 2013

Friday Inspiration

A pretty quiet week, following a lovely weekend. Saturday night we went for a meal and a few drinks sat outside in the warm evening, then Sunday we went for a picnic in the park, a bouldering session then over to our friends to watch Top Gear and see their new puppy (adorable I'm so jealous!).

As usual I've been browsing beautiful home images, so here are the best I've seen this week

I have a weakness for midcentury modern furniture, and when it's used as built in furniture or in modern rooms I absolutely adore it. Would you just look at this bathroom? Subway tile, geometric floor tiles, the vanity, the sink...I could actually live in this bathroom...
I'm not usually one for yellow, but I really like the pops of it here. A great way to change the style of your decor for summer is to add in a little bit of bright colour here and there, items that can be changed back for winter easily like tea towels, mats, plant pots etc
Seriously, you need to click on this picture and see the rest of this house. It's actually my dream house, I actually said 'wow' out load when I saw the living room...but it won't let me save or pin a picture so this is the only one I have from pinterest, and the one that originally caught my eye because I pinned it when we were looking for a bench/table, but I love the 2 doors leading outside and the branch-like chandelier.

The weather is meant to be good again this weekend so enjoy the sunshine! Unfortunately Toms working both days so I'm just going to sunbathe and maybe do some garden rearranging as some of our plants are getting too big for their spaces....

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