Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Not the look I was going for...

I posted my first post on my wedding blog today on how we chose what venues to go and look around, you can click here to get to it or there's a link to the blog at the top of the toolbar on the right...

When I changed the office into a 'dining room' a while back in this post I had hoped we would use the table to eat at, which we did for a few weeks but then it started to accumulate stuff on it.
Oh dear. I think because it's near the front door we started putting stuff down on it as we came in, and as it was always covered with stuff we stopped eating at it.

I find the best way to stop a space accumulating stuff is to make it into a space with a purpose, if it's just a blank space that you don't regularly use or isn't attractive it will get used as a dumping ground.

I still had my table runner from our old dining table at our last house and wanted to add some nice table decorations and a centrepiece to make it into more of a 'proper' dining space.

I started by clearing everything off, then just played around with a few different configurations.

 I thought the 3 canvasses were a bit much, so landed on this set up as the one for now
 The candles are from all around the house, mainly the living room, bathroom and hallway
This hurricane lamp was just on the floor in the bathroom as it didn't have a home but it looks much better on the table
 The star votives and canvas were on the bookshelves in the hallway

Much better! Hopefully it'll discourage us from dumping stuff here and keep it clear to eat at.

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