Friday, 26 July 2013

Friday Inspiration

We reserved a date for our wedding this week :) not confirmed yet as our first choice and the date we actually asked for is already reserved so we reserved another later date in case but are waiting to see if the other couple actually books or not (They haven't paid the deposit yet just reserved it for 2 weeks so we might still get it)...but exciting still! I tell you I never realised getting the venue was so competitive!

I love the detail on the wall panels in this room, and I think even a tenant could pull it off with some plywood, paint and studs. You could put the pattern onto the plywood then mount it like a picture onto the wall

I included this because of the yellow chairs and the large framed picture. I really like the trend for leaning large pictures or mirrors against a wall on the floor, perfect for tenants!

This tile is so jazzy and bright, probably not something I'd be brave enough to pick myself but if it was already in a place I moved into I'd be happy!

Have a lovely weekend xx

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