Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Storage Upgrades

In this post where I rearranged the office into a dining room I mentioned I wanted to get some better looking storage boxes for the shelves under the turtle tank as these ones weren't looking so good
I've been keeping an eye out for some new matching ones and spotted these in the pound shop
The bottom 2 have the turtle food and stuff in one and the leftover office stuff that I thought we might still want easy access to like batteries, envelopes etc in the other. The other 2 are actually still empty but I got 4 because it looked more balanced and it's always good to have spare storage space!

This room's getting there now and looking a bit more finished, they also had a few different table runners in the pound shop so I might change the red out for a white or blue to match the rest of the room a bit better.


  1. looks so cozy! I like the tables & benches

    that's a big tank,

    my daughter has a turtle that is rapidly growing it'll need bigger digs soon

    1. Thanks!

      they do grow so fast, this tank's pretty old as we bought it second hand a few years ago, hoping to get a new one sometime soon