Wednesday, 3 July 2013

New Feature - If we owned our flat...

Well the payday wishlist fizzled out pretty quickly (one month!), mainly because I didn't find them very interesting to write or read so figured you probably didn't either...if anyone has a burning desire to see them again let me know?? I also have been trying out a new posting schedule, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I found posting over the weekend a bit of a struggle as I need time to actually do the projects to write about them so trying out not doing the Sunday post.

So new regular post, 'If we owned our flat', often as a tenant you discover something about your place that makes you think 'If I could I'd change that'. Often you can't change it but it's fun to theorize about what you'd do if you could...

This month I've picked the hallway, we have our entrance hallway then our small dining room/other hallway. If we could I would knock down the wall between them and make it into one large room. It would mean getting a new front door that is a bit better insulated so it wouldn't get so cold in there but it would be soo much more flexible!

Currently the rooms are like this
And like this

But look when the door between the 2 rooms is open how long the space is
If you could open that space up it would make the place seem so much brighter and bigger, I'd maybe put in a front door with full length glass to let in more light as our entryway is pretty secluded, you can't see into it from the road. It would be more flexible as well, as we rarely use the entrance hall for much more than storage, drying washing and walking through so it would be nice to actually use the space rather than have it so separated from the main living area. In a basement flat it would also be good to open up the small rooms a bit to make it feel a bit more spacious.

Of course it might be a load bearing wall or something and this might all be impossible but I think every tenant dreams about the things they'd change...what are yours?

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