Monday, 22 July 2013

Some more obsessive cleaning

In this post I said I'd spent the weekend cleaning our skirting boards and door, and I also spent last weekend cleaning the carpets and the rug.

As a tenant you should want to keep the carpets in good condition so not to lose money from your deposit, but I've found that our carpets aren't really that hard wearing, they seem to mark and snag really easily. I'm pretty resigned to the fact that we will lose some of our deposit on the living room carpet as it's got some pulls in it already. You can see one of the worst areas below, the mark is from where we have cleaned up something with spot cleaner but not quite gotten all of it, and you can see all the little pulls and snags in the carpet.
I used Vanish carpet shampoo and it came up pretty well.
The rug was pretty gross, I made it to protect the carpet here as it's such a high traffic area so it's the idea that the rug gets dirty, but it's only been down a few months and was looking like this
I went over it with the shampoo and a sponge scrubbing out the marks and generally soaking it in the foam. Then I repeated this on the carpet in the living room, some patches in the bedroom (it was mostly fine in there) and the doormat by the front door (It's not removable so it gets pretty gross as we wipe our feet on it every day). Then after a few hours it had dried and I just hoovered it all thoroughly and it looks much better.
I think it's one of those every 6 months or once a year tasks to just keep the carpets looking fresh. You can also hire carpet cleaning machines from DIY stores which are pretty good, we used one moving out of a house once and although the carpet looked pretty clean the water that came out of it was so gross it really impressed me how much dirt it got out!

Jazzie approves and immediately felt the need to start sleeping on the mat and getting her fluffy fur all over it.

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