Friday, 19 July 2013

Friday Inspiration

A lovely week off, looking at wedding venues at the start of the week (post on my wedding blog here) then a little mini break to the coast camping. We haven't been on a British holiday in years, and when the weather is nice nothing beats the good old British seaside...if only the weather was always nice! We were lucky with the weather though and it was nice to get a bit of time away, now we're home and planning a barbecue tomorrow and a nice chilled weekend before back to work on Monday.

So onto the Friday inspiration, I usually don't write these too far in advance just on the Friday or at the earliest the Thursday as I like it to be up to date, but I actually wrote this on Sunday before we went away so it's kind of last weeks inspiration!

I pinned this because of the light fixture, the square glass and stainless steel is just so different to a lot I've seen around and it's perfect for a kitchen
This home is so unusual, the exposed brick really adds something and the full height windows out onto the garden are gorgeous
I love the colour here and the rustic style, also the small cupboards at the top of the cabinets are such a good idea!
I don't do well with house plants (I forget to water them) but this room looks so lush, I can imagine it smells lovely and fresh too
I've improvised a way to lie out in our garden with a picnic rug and pillows but I would love to have something like this
Have a great weekend everyone!

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