Monday, 1 July 2013

Semi-Successful Frame Hanging

Finally we have some frames on the walls...well one wall. We had permission from our landlord a while back to hang picture hooks on the chimney breasts in the living room and bedroom. The living room now has 6 hooks on the chimney above the TV, with 4 pictures hung on them (larger frames using 2 hooks)

I went for 6 hooks although we only need 4 at the moment as it means we can swap around the frames with other sizes or with artwork or new photos without having to move or add hooks.

I bedroom looks like this though
The nails that came with the hooks just couldn't get into the wall and have left gouges in the plaster, uh oh! Hope the landlord isn't reading (I have no idea if they do, if you are I'm sorry!), although they aren't deep so some filler and paint should sort it out. Here's a photo of the bent nails...
To be honest the ones in the living room didn't go up easily, it's the first time I've used picture hooks having just used nails before and in my opinion they actually do more damage to the walls but hey it's not my call...

In our last house I would have gotten the drill and put up some screws, but the landlord said we must use picture hooks only, no large holes in the wall, so we're going to try to find a solution. Maybe some stronger nails or some adhesive hooks, when we have it sorted I'll share a how to and some alternatives to using nails and screws for tenants who can't put holes in the walls. Also I think having some artwork and photos on the wall will probably spark a rearrange of our photos so I'll share photos of where they all end up.

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