Friday, 28 June 2013

Friday Inspiration

A pretty wedding themed week for us this last week, we booked to go look around some venues during a week off in July and I asked my sisters and oldest friend to be my bridesmaids on Wednesday :)

Still lots of home inspiration around though, and I really am going to have a more productive weekend this time as there will be no alcohol involved haha, so expect some posts with actual photos next week!

The light in this photo is what drew me to it, but the dark floor and white furniture are a great contrast

That cabinet! I really want something like this for storing all my knick-knacks and clutter...

I want a way to lounge in the sun in our garden as the chairs are pretty upright (I can currently only tan my front...) and something like these floor cushions would be perfect

This rocking chair is perfect, I love midcentury modern furniture!

Another kitchen with subway tile, seems I have quite the obsession...

Have lovely weekends all, I'm hoping to maybe get some things hung on the walls - exciting!

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