Thursday, 6 June 2013

Freecycle strikes again

Tom was going to pick me up from work Tuesday to go and get the engagement ring resized, and as most times when I have him and the car at my disposal I had some furniture for us to collect...
Also we got some compost and plant pots, garden update coming soon as it's looking pretty good, especially in this beautiful weather :)

I said back in this post that I would like to get a multi purpose table for the office, something we could use as a desk but also to eat at. We do use the desk but only rarely (the printer could live anywhere as it's wireless and most of the stuff in the drawers and shelves of the desk could go somewhere else or go in the bin!) so we really do not need a proper desk just somewhere to sit with the laptop. I would love to have a dining table again as I'm sick of eating every meal on the sofa, don't get me wrong we will still do that sometimes but since we've lived here I've not done a proper Sunday roast as we have nowhere to eat it.

So I've been keeping an eye out for a very specific table - A smallish size rectangular table, large enough for 2 people to eat at, seating 4 would be a bonus. It needed to also have room underneath to store the printer and desk things when we are not using them, so couldn't have a large pedestal or be too narrow.

I didn't see anything that fit the bill in my price range (low haha) and after casually looking for a few months thought I'd put out a wanted ad on freecycle, and I got one!

This is the photo of it set up from the catalogue
Also see the catalogue here, rrp £199 reduced to £99, and we got it for free! The lovely lady who emailed me said they had bought it for extra seating at Christmas and now don't need it any more.

I'm going to sort out and dismantle the desk this weekend and hopefully get this table up in time for roast dinner Sunday :)

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